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Sketch Writers Drop-Ins


Workshop Description


A pay-per-class option for writers looking for feedback on their work. Writers submit material the day before each class and receive feedback from John and their fellow classmates the next day. The class also features in-class writing exercises to discuss and review. Students may drop-in whenever they have new material or just want to hang with writers. 

General Information

  • Check website for Drop-In dates - Classes begin at 7pm 

  • Students who wish to reveiw their own material in the workshop MUST submit their material by 12 NOON the DAY OF CLASS in order to receive feedback.

  • Fee $25.00 per class

  • Location(s) - Online Zoom Course



  • Open to students of all skill levels.* 

  • Submissions can be sketches, monologue jokes, concept ideas or treatments. 

  • Each student may submit one (1) piece of written material per drop-in.
  • One (1) piece of written material is defined as:
    • One Comedy Sketch up to 8 pages, formatted in standard script form

    • Two, half-page sketch comedy beat sheets or concepts

    • One Set of Monologue Jokes - Up to 12 jokes

    • One Set of jokes for a recurring Talk Show Segment - Up to 12 jokes

    • One,  to one-and-a-half page treatment for a comedy concept  or sketch

    • Other material subject to John's approval

  • Please Note: Full-length screenplays, half-hour spec scripts, one act plays and short film scripts do not qualify in this format. If you are unsure if your material qualifies for the class, please contact John to discuss

  • As this is an online course, students must have a consistent and reliable internet connection to sustain participation in class.

* Must have at least 2 students enrolled to proceed

Terms & Conditions

  • *Class length will vary depending on the number of students attending each class. 

  • **SPACES ARE LIMITED. The class fee of $25.00 is required to reserve a spot.  This fee is non-refundable, however, if you miss the class, you may apply the fee to the next available drop-in. 


​Thanks for reading. Looking forward to working with you and doing a lot of laughing! Please contact me with any questions. 




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