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John is a writer/actor/producer with over 30 years of experience in sketch comedy. He served as a Head Writer and Executive Producer on the long running sketch comedy show MADtv and was a member of the world famous Groundlings Main Company in Hollywood. Among his comedy writing credits are numerous animated shows including Jimmy Neutron, CatDog, Johnny Bravo, The Lebrons, and Rocket Power on which he served as a Producer and Head Writer. He also starred  on the Nickelodeon sketch show Roundhouse.  

John is passionate about sharing his professional experiences and knowledge in his workshops where students learn the value of structure, story and  point of view as a way of expressing their own comedic sensibilities. John continues to write and serve as a consultant and Executive Producer for his own production company. John thanks you for reading this "About John" page and wants you to know this is the only time he will write about himself in the third person. Finally, John hopes to see you soon in a workshop!

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