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cranesketch summer schedule

Summer Schedule ... and then there was Covid. Of course there was Covid. After two and half years of masks, social distancing, vaccines and boosters, I finally won the Covid lottery. My prize was a two week, all expense paid trip for one in my own home. And now that my vacation has come to end, I can FINALLY turn my attention to cranesketch! Thanks to all who participated in the survey. It was extremely helpful and informative. The upcoming workshops are below, including two new ones! Bring a friend and get the "Bring-A-Buddy" discount! Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible this summer and I hope you're all losers... in the Covid lottery. Cheers, John Congratulations David Barnett & Glenn Kimball David and Glenn are both cranesketch workshop writers whose work was recently recognized by two film festivals. David's short film, #finddre.wndrs was developed in a Character In Place workshop last year and features several other writers from that workshop including Andrea Behm, Nikki D'Aprix, Katie Foran-McHale, Joel Sacayanan and Phoebe Sarason. The comedy short was selected by the Los Angeles Comedy Film Festival in June. You can view it here inside the Character In Place show on the cranesketch website! Meanwhile Glenn has written, produced and directed The Studio Assistant which will premiere at the 2022 LA Shorts International Film Festival next month. Congratulations again to these two talented writer/producers!

Summer Workshops