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Married. Two Kids. One dog. I like long walks in nature with that special someone who will not doubt my sense of direction. Saints fan. Tennis fan. Tennis player. 4.0 on my best day, (rare) 2.0 on my worst (more common). A weekend scotch or two. Love comedy. Love teaching. Hate writing  “About Me” pages, but I get it.


Some things I’ve done:


Groundlings Main Company Member, Head Writer and Executive Producer on MADtv, writer for animated shows like Johnny Bravo, CatDog, Rocket Power and Jimmy Neutron. Actor on Roundhouse, Baywatch (a highlight) and The Love Boat reboot where I played an Italian chef. (Not sure why I put that in there, but it didn’t seem altogether wrong) Read all 4.224 pages of the Harry Potter series out loud.  Wrote an "About Me" page.


Some things I’m doing:

Running small production company with a friend producing marketing films, writing various pilots and screenplays, teaching, trying to stay in shape.


Some things I will do:

Learn how to read music, clean my office, say “I love you” more, especially to my dog who has been somewhat aloof as of late. Say “Thank You” to you for reading my About Me page…

Thank You.


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