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Workshop Description


Students create, develop and write a character sketch for a holiday themed "at home" concept (e.g. YouTube Influencer, How-To Videos, Review Videos, etc.). The CIP workshop focuses on helping students generate ideas that work inside the concept, write sketches, evaluate feedback, and shoot a sketch using a computer, phone or other resource available to the student


General Information

  • 7 Sessions (8 weeks including Premiere)

  • Fee $285.00

  • Location(s) - Online Zoom Course

  • Workshop Video - Create one (1) sketch written and shot at home by each student in class.



  • Character in Place is open to students of all skill levels, however, students should have a basic understanding and command of the creative process and be prepared to write, rewrite, and collaborate with fellow students. 

  • Students should have a reliable level of confidence writing scripts in a readable format. 

  • Students should have a basic understanding of shooting themselves on a phone, computer or video camera or have a connection with someone willing to shoot video for them.

  • Students should have a basic understanding of  shooting, organizing and uploading video. Students do not need to know how to edit or possess editing software but it can be beneficial to the end product.

  • Students are encouraged to perform in their own sketches, but may have another actor perform in their sketch if they wish (subject to the teacher's approval. ).

  • Students are required to provide wardrobe, props and set pieces for their sketches.  

  • As this is an online course, students must have a consistent and reliable internet connection to sustain participation in class.

Terms & Conditions


  • *Class length will vary depending on the number of students enrolled as well as what is being covered by the syllabus on any particular day.

  • **SPACES ARE LIMITED. A non-refundable deposit of $40 is required to reserve a spot. Balance is due by the first class. If you have to drop the class before it begins, you may transfer your deposit to another class.  If you have any issue with payment terms, or would like to discuss a PAYMENT PLAN, please email me to discuss.

  •  ** Drop Policy**  Drops made 7 days or more in advance of the class, will receive a 100% refund minus the deposit . (deposits may be credited to future classes)  Drops made within 3 - 6 days will incur a 20% fee in addition to the deposit. . Drops made within 48 hours to the event will incur a 30% fee in addition to the deposit.  Drops after the first class will incur a 40% fee in addition to the deposit. Drops after the second class you will incur a 50% fee. . There will be no refunds for students who drop after the third class. 


Thanks for reading. Looking forward to working with you and doing a lot of laughing! Please contact me with any questions. 




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