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Course Description


A "pay-per-class" course for writers to present material and get feedback from John and others in the class. Take as many or as few classes as you want. Writers are limited to one piece of material per class, e.g. one comedy sketch, one monologue, etc. 


General Information

  • Ongoing Online Sessions 

  • Fee $25 per class

  • Location(s) - Online Zoom Course



  • Drop-Ins are open to students who have taken at least one of the following classes with John: Groundlings Intro to Sketch,  Building The Talk Show Comedy Writers Packet , or cranesketch Primer.

  • Students MUST upload their material by 12pm the day BEFORE the scheduled Drop-in in order to be eligible to participate.

  • Students may only upload one piece of material per class.*

  • piece is defined as:

    • 1 Comedy Sketch, no more than 8 pages long​

    • 1 Comedy Monologue (2 to 4 minutes in length)

  • If a student wishes to get feedback on more than one piece in a single class, they may do so for an additional fee of $20 per piece

  • As this is an online course, students must have a consistent and reliable internet connection to sustain participation in class.

Terms & Conditions


  • *Class length will vary depending on the number of students enrolled as well as what is being covered by the syllabus on any particular day.

  • **SPACES ARE LIMITED. A deposit of $30 is required to reserve a spot. Balance is due by the second class (May 5, 2020). If you have any issue with payment terms, or would like to discuss a PAYMENT PLAN, please email me to discuss.

  • ** Dropping a Class -  Right now, it couldn't be more obvious that things happen that are beyond our control. If you need to drop before the class begins, and you have not paid the balance, you will not be charged the balance. If you drop after the first class and have paid in full, you will receive a full refund minus the non-refundable deposit.  If you drop after the second class you will receive a refund of $100. If you drop after the third class, you will receive a refund of $75.00. There will be no refunds for students who drop after the fourth class. 


Thanks for reading. Looking forward to working with you and doing a lot of laughing! Please contact me with any questions. 




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